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Pre-seed capital for purpose-driven companies

As our companies scale, so does their impact.

K50 ventures is a purpose-driven venture capital firm. We invest in founders who believe technology has the potential to unlock access and affordability for the world’s working class. Since 2016, we’ve invested in over 150 companies that have generated best-in-class venture returns for our investors and material impact for millions of people and small businesses.

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Our Focus Areas


Propelling healthy living toward a more accessible and affordable future.

Everyone wants to live healthier and longer, but it’s no secret that access to quality care is lacking in many countries around the world. Newsflash: it doesn’t have to be this way. We believe that everyone deserves access to affordable preventative care, speciality care, and mental health support. The companies we are backing are pushing for a new norm, one where everyone can pursue healthy living and address health concerns – no matter where in the world they live.

pattern Andres Lawson
Andres Lawson
Osana Salud, LATAM

Empowering the next generation of healthcare providers with patient-centric infrastructure.

pattern Dillan DiNardo
Dillan DiNardo

Confronting the mental health crisis through designing new psychedelic-inspired drugs.

pattern Joanna Strober
Joanna Strober
Midi Health, US

Midi is on a mission to bring compassionate, high-quality medical care to women 40+.

pattern Trevor Martin
Trevor Martin

Building a healthier future through gene-editing CRISPR technology.


Democratizing access to credit and financial services.

Living paycheck to paycheck is exhausting whether you are single, married with kids, or a small business owner. So is being denied a credit card, or a mortgage, or a small business loan, simply because you don’t meet the conventional requirements prescribed by your bank. In the finance space, our founders are dreaming up new ways to give the global working class access to top tier financial services at affordable prices that will change the way everyone talks – and feels – about money.

highlighted founders
pattern Adalberto Flores Ochoa
Adalberto Flores Ochoa
Kueski, LATAM

Giving consumers in Mexico access to small, interest-free cash loans.

pattern Andrew Wang
Andrew Wang
Valon, US

Empowering every homeowner with ease, security, and financial know-how.

pattern James Garvey
James Garvey
Self, US

Helping users establish a secure financial foundation by building good credit.

pattern Lalit Keshre
Lalit Keshre
Groww, INDIA

Enabling millions of Indians to build personal wealth through mobile investing.


Empowering the SMB.

Small businesses suffer to make ends meet and workers are burnt out. We back companies that allow for increased earning potential, build tech made for small business owners, empower creators, promote wellbeing and equity in the workplace, and enable independent and flexible work.

pattern Enrique Villamarin Lafaurie
Enrique Villamarin Lafaurie

Transforming construction industry supply chains in Latin America.

pattern Fabián Gómez Gutiérrez
Fabián Gómez Gutiérrez
Frubana, LATAM

Making fresh food more affordable for restaurants and small groceries across Latin America.

pattern Jason Radisson
Jason Radisson
Movo, US

Reimagining career opportunities for manufacturing and logistics workers.

pattern Jonathan Chen
Jonathan Chen
Nitra, US

Smart spending built for healthcare.

What We Invest In

Founders: You’re dissatisfied with the status quo, have a vision for a brighter future, believe in improving the lives of millions, and have big ideas about how to actually get shit done.

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