As Head of Platform, Jessica wears many hats. She’s the glue that holds together our portfolio of over 170 companies, is at the forefront of all K50 marketing initiatives, and is on a mission to make the founder journey less lonely and more community-driven. 

Jessica has dedicated her career to building communities. Prior to joining K50, she managed the Grand Central Tech Residency program and community at Company Ventures, working directly with pre-seed and seed founders. Before that, she served as the User Experience & Community Manager at OneTable, a nonprofit dedicated to building community around the dinner table, supporting thousands of people weekly. And prior to that, she was a teacher at Success Academy Charter Schools, where she taught first and fifth grade.

Jessica graduated from the University of Michigan with BA in English and Community Action Social Change, then went on to earn a Masters in General and Special Education from Touro College. She lives in New York City.