Ryan is an experienced entrepreneur and investor with a passion for building companies and communities. He launched K50 Ventures as a continuation of the K50 community which recognized mission-driven founders from around the globe who were pushing the world forward.  Entrepreneurs who were part of the K50 community went on to build companies like Brex, Freenome, Fiscalnote, Casper, and OYO Rooms, raising over $5B in venture capital and inspiring thousands of founders to start their own companies.  

Since launching K50 Ventures, Ryan has been an early investor in many notable companies including Mammoth Biosciences, Self, Frubana, Groww, Tul, and a founding partner of the leading venture studio, Kairos HQ which co-founded Cera, Rhino, Bilt, and Little Spoon. 

Before founding K50 Ventures, Ryan founded two companies and held roles at Blumberg Capital, 1-Page (IPO: 1PG), and Jumptap (Acqd. by Millenial Media) in San Francisco.   

Ryan lives in New York City where K50 Ventures is HQ’d.